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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
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Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Vriddhachalam - 606 001
Cuddalore District
Tamil Nadu - India

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1 Assessment of suitable alternate variety for BPT 5204 in Cuddalore district
2 Assessment of suitable sugarcane variety for Cuddalore district
3 IPM of Fall Army Worm (Spodopterafrugiperda) on MAIZE
4 Assessment of rugose whitefly management in Coconut
5 Assessment of performance of new bottle gourd varieties/hybrids (Pusa Santushti and PLR 2) suitable for Cuddalore district.
6 Assessment of management modules against nematode complex in tuberose

Front Line Demonstrations(FLDs) 2019-20
1 Demonstration of ADT 53 Paddy
2 Demonstration of ADT 51 paddy seed production (foundation /certified) by farmer participatory mode in Cuddalore district
3 Demonstration of ICM practices in Paddy cultivation in salt affected soil
4 Demonstration of ICM practices in Blackgram (VBN 8)
5 Demonstration of seed production (Foundation /Certified) by farmer participatory mode in Groundnut (VRI 8)
6 Demonstration of seed production (Foundation /Certified) by farmer participatory mode in Gingelly (VRI 3)
7 Demonstration of blast disease management in rice
8 Demonstration of CO4 Bhendi with ICM (Results of OFT of 2018-19)
9 Demonstration of Arka Akash Watermelon with integrated crop management practices
10 Demonstration of Fodder bank for livestock
11 Demonstration of composite fish culture in farm ponds
12 Demonstration of high yielding multifunctional industrial Agro-forestry trees (Casuarina MTP 2)
13 Demonstration of NCOF waste decomposer for decomposting Sugarcane waste
14 Demonstration on dehydration techniques for Moringa leafs
15 Demonstration on nutri garden-Homestead
16 Demonstration of TANUVAS Aseel for Backyard poultry
Special programme
1 Cluster FLD ON Rabi Oilseeds

OFT & FLD (2016 - 2017) of KVK, Cuddalore

FLD of KVK, Cuddalore

OFT of KVK, Cuddalore

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