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Cuddalore District
Tamil Nadu - India

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List of ongoing OFTs
Sl. No. Crop/ enterprise Title
1 Paddy Assessment of suitable low glycemic index rice variety
2 Cumbu Assessment of suitable Cumbu variety
3 Ragi Assessment of suitable Ragi variety for Rainfed tract of Cuddalore District
4 Blackgram Assessment of suitable rice fallow black gram variety
5 Groundnut Assessment of confectionary groundnut varieties
6 Sesame Assessment of suitable rice fallow sesame
7 Chilli Assessment of nutripellet pack technology in Chilli
8 Cashew Assessment of control methods for stem and root borer in Cashew

List of ongoing FLDs :
Sl. No. Crop/ enterprise Title
1 Paddy Demonstration of submergence tolerant paddy variety CR 1009 Sub 1 in flood affected areas in cuddalore district
2 Paddy Demonstration of TKM 13 paddy variety for samba season
3 Paddy Demonstration of in paddy variety TPS 5
4 Paddy Demonstration of pani pipe-indicator tool of AWD in paddy
5 Paddy Demonstration of IPM for blast disease in samba paddy
6 Maize Demonstration of IPM for blast disease in samba paddy
7 Sesame Demonstration of TNAU micro nutrient mixture application to irrigated sesame
8 Brinjal Demonstration of grafted brinjal
9 Brinjal Demonstration of eco-friendly pest management in brinjal
10 Bhendi Demonstration of bhendi CO 4 hybrid
11 Snakegourd
Demonstration of ICM in snakegourd
12 Fodder Demonstration of fodder crops
13 Fish Demonstration of composite fish farming in farm ponds
14 Cashew Demonstration of preserved cashew apple juice for commercialization
15 Varagu Demonstration of Co3 varagu for fibre rich nutritious noodles preparation
16 Cashew Assessment of crop management practices for improving yield in Cashew
22 Paddy FFS on Ecofriendly crop management in paddy

OFT & FLD (2015 - 2016) of KVK, Cuddalore

FLD of KVK, Cuddalore

OFT of KVK, Cuddalore

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