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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
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Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Vriddhachalam - 606 001
Cuddalore District
Tamil Nadu - India

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List of ongoing OFTs
Sl.No. Crop/ enterprise Title
1 Paddy Assessment of glycemic responses of traditional paddy varieties
2 Turmeric Assessment of turmeric varieties for cuddalore district
3 Black gram Assessment of black gram variety suitable for summer irrigated with special emphasis on YMV
4 Groundnut Assessment on pre and post harvest management technologies for aflotoxin contamination in groundnut
5 Paddy Assessing the performance of rice varieties in salt affected soil

List of ongoing FLDs :
Sl.No. Crop/ enterprise Title
1 Moringa Demonstration of production of dehydrated moringa and their products as entrepreneurial activity
2 Paddy Demonstration of paddy variety CO 52 in SRI system in Cuddalore district
3 Paddy Demonstration of paddy ADT(R) 50 in SRI system in Cuddalore district
4 Groundnut Demonstration of HYV, seed production in participatory mode in groundnut var.VRI 8
5 Gingelly Demonstration and seed production in farmer participatory mode in Gingelly var.VRI 3
6 IFS Demonstration of composite fish culture in farm ponds
7 Maize Demonstration of Co H (M) 8 maize hybrid at Cuddalore district
8 Paddy Demonstration of ecological engineering practices for samba paddy
9 Groundnut Demonstration of management of stem rot in groundnut
10 Chilli Demonstration of IPDM practices in chilli
11 Cotton
Demonstration of K 12 cotton variety with integrated crop management
12 Varagu Demonstration of integrated crop management in kodo millet CO 3
13 Cashew Demonstration of intercropping system and crop management practices for improving yield in cashew
14 Banana Demonstration of NRCB Shakthi in banana
15 Sirukeerai Demonstration of PLR 1 Sirukeerai
16 Watermelon Demonstration of ICM in watermelon

OFT & FLD (2016 - 2017) of KVK, Cuddalore

FLD of KVK, Cuddalore

OFT of KVK, Cuddalore

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